Kelly Sullivan Cert ECBS



discovered Bowen therapy almost 10 years ago after hearing about how a family friend, who in the midst of suffering RSI so painful that she couldn't hold a pen, was given some on the spot treatment by a Bowen therapist and found that her pain reduced instantly.  At the time my mother was suffering with a hip problem and being treated with pain relief drugs which were not only proving mostly ineffectual but were also causing her a range of problematic side effects.  As a result I recommended she visit a Bowen practitioner. To both our amazements, after just three treatments my mother found her condition greatly improved.  Although the problem was not something which could be entirely 'cured', the symptoms of pain had reduced enough that my mother no longer needed to use the medication that she had been dependent upon for pain relief before.

Having seen the effects of Bowen I decided to pursue a path of becoming a practitioner myself.  To gain an understanding of body work and anatomy, initially I trained at college and qualified in Swedish Body Massage in 2008.  I also trained with the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training to learn Hot Stone Fusion Therapy.  I undertook my Bowen training with the European College of Bowen Studies, and qualified as a practitioner in 2011.  I currently practice from the Concorde House Clinic in Canterbury.


Concorde House Clinic

26a Stour Street, Canterbury CT1 2NZ